Rambo Furrst Blood

How Great CampFur 2014 was!

Thank you everyone for joining in to make it a great camping event
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Campfur is a yearly furry camping trip held near Hope BC every year.

Located in the mountains just north of Hope on the Coquihalla Highway.
Arrive Thursday afternoon / evening and set up your tent / trailer for a fun filled weekend of camping with the furs!

This years theme is based on the movie Rambo: First blood.

Do not bring guns, bows, spears or throwing projectile with the potential to harm participants even if Campfur 2014 is Rambo themed. For more information, please make sure you review the Campfur Code of Conduct.

All meals are provided - all you have to bring is your snacks, booze / mix, clothes, and sleeping arrangements.
The town of Hope is only a few minutes away so if you forget something, it's easy to get to.

Tent-Share: All those bringing tents / trailers are encouraged to share their space with those who do not have such facilities. More details coming soon.

Transportation: If you have transportation and have room to bring others, please let us know so that we can arrange ride-share with those who need transportation. More details coming soon.

In light of recent comments made regarding my events,
I wish to make it perfectly clear that this event -
along with all my other events I have thru-out the year -
are PRIVATE functions.
As such, please request an invitation and if approved,
I will provide directions to the event.

- Gizmo